Importing and/or Exporting data

Importing and/or Exporting data

Numerous methods exist for importing and exporting data to and from doogie┬«. 

The swift and straightforward approach would be to utilise the Import Export utility. This method is somewhat basic but efficient for quick transfers. In the fourth iteration of the software, this utility is accessible via the 'Tools' menu under 'Import and Export'. For those using the third version, it is located within the 'File' menu.

For each dataset, such as the Tasks list found in the Tasks section, there is an option to export the data as a CSV file. This option can be found in the 'File' menu pertinent to each section.

Messages can be imported and/or exported in EML format, a universally accepted standard compatible with nearly all email clients.

A more sophisticated method involves utilising the Reports section. Here, you can specify the fields of interest and generate a list of records for each section. This is particularly beneficial for the Documents section, where the content often includes rich formatting.

For those seeking an exceptionally advanced approach, SQL commands (for example, `SELECT * FROM Contacts`) can be executed within the Advanced Database Search. This allows for the extraction of data to a table, which can then be exported as a CSV file.

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