An Overview of doogie®PIM: Mastering the Art of Multitasking

An Overview of doogie®PIM: Mastering the Art of Multitasking

Where Tasks Meet Tenacity

doogie®PIM stands out not just for its robust features but for its spirited approach to task management. Imagine a Victorian library, each book a task, meticulously categorised and ready for exploration. doogie®PIM offers a similarly intricate yet intuitive way to manage your daily duties, project milestones, and everything in between.

The Core Features of doogie®PIM's Task Management

1. Task Creation and Customisation

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Begin by creating tasks that can range from simple reminders like "Buy milk" to complex projects like "Renovate kitchen". Each task can be embellished with details such as start and end dates, priority levels, and progress tracking.

Rich Text Descriptions

Every task can include a rich text description, allowing you to add links, images, or formatted text to capture all the nuances of each task.

2. Categorisation and Prioritisation

Categories for Context

Assign categories to tasks to sort and manage them based on project, priority, or any personal sorting system you devise. Whether it's "Personal", "Work", or "Urgent", categories help in navigating the vast seas of your to-dos.


Tasks can be prioritised with a simple low, medium, and high system, helping you to see at a glance which tasks are the most pressing.

3. Task Dependencies and Linking

Interconnected Tasks

Create dependencies between tasks, allowing you to see the flow of project phases or prerequisites. This feature is invaluable for managing complex projects where tasks must be completed in a specific order.

4. Progress Tracking and Completion

Visual Progress Indicators

Track the progress of tasks with visual indicators that show how close you are to completion, providing a quick snapshot of your productivity landscape.

Integration with Resources and Calendar

1. Linking Tasks to Resources

A Unified Repository

Seamlessly link tasks to resources such as documents, emails, or images. For instance, a task to "Prepare presentation" can have a direct link to the PowerPoint file and pertinent emails, housed within the same ecosystem. This linkage transforms each task into a hub of necessary information, making your workflow smoother and more integrated.

2. Calendar Integration

Scheduling Made Simple

Integrate tasks directly into the calendar for precise date and time blocking. This feature ensures that each task is not only a to-do item but a scheduled event. For example, a task like "Client follow-up call" can be set with a specific time, and reminders can be activated to ensure punctuality.

Viewing Tasks in the Calendar

Tasks with specific deadlines appear in the calendar view, allowing you to get a holistic view of your commitments over the coming days, weeks, or months.

Task Management with a Touch of Panache

doogie®PIM’s task management isn’t just about keeping track of what you need to do; it’s about creating a personalised command centre from which you can manage your life with precision and a bit of flair. The integration with resources and the calendar ensures that you have all the tools necessary not just to plan but to execute and track every part of your personal and professional landscape.

In essence, doogie®PIM is like having a butler for your tasks—sophisticated, reliable, and always ready to assist. Whether you're juggling multiple projects or just looking to keep your personal tasks in order, doogie®PIM offers a robust, integrated solution that makes task management not just manageable, but a downright delight.

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